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Servers with maximum acceleration for IT Transformation

PowerEdge servers speed innovation with up to 41% more transactions per second4 and 20.8x faster queries.

Rack servers

Rack Servers

Ready your data center to handle any workload. PowerEdge rack servers combine a highly scalable architecture and optimum balance of compute and memory to maximize performance across the widest range of applications.

World record in SAP performance11

Widest range of in-server storage options ever in PowerEdge servers

IT Pro “Editor’s Choice” award with 5-star ratings (R640 & R740xd)

#1 in price/performance (R740xd)24

Powerful 4-socket performance and GPU acceleration for data analytics, AI and machine learning


increase in VMs/Node


more transactions per second


faster queries

tower servers

Tower Servers

PowerEdge tower servers are designed to grow with your organization, at your pace.

Flexible configurations with large internal capacities
Broad portfolio for SOHO, ROBO and SMB markets
Rackable for continued use as companies grow


more PCIe
Gen3 slots


more NVMe


increase in

Ready Nodes

Ready Nodes

Maximize choice, reduce project risk and lower total cost of ownership.

Data Center Infrastructure

data center

Simplify management of critical infrastructure in and around your data center with Dell EMC Data Center Infrastructure solutions.

Deploy server, storage and networking equipment in versatile rack enclosures Manage various local and remote servers with keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) and keyboard/monitor/mouse (KMM) solutions Deliver reliable power and protect IT equipment with intelligent uninterruptible power supplies (Dell EMC Smart‑UPS)

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